The By-Laws of the Green Party of Oklahoma were originally adopted in November 2002 and approved by the State of Oklahoma. They provide the framework by which we reach decisions and manifest our principles.

Adopted 6/05: Recognizing our desire that the Green Party of Oklahoma (GPOK) function in a way that is consistent with Green Values, we set forth this amendment to the current GPOK bylaws.

Part 1 – With the passage of this proposal, the Green Party of Oklahoma Executive Committee becomes the interim Cooperative Council until the first Cooperative Council meeting is held (as outlined below).

Part 2 – The current bylaws in force at this time are repealed and are to be replaced with the following text that shall be in immediate effect upon passage of this amendment:

Recognizing the need for alternatives to the existing political parties, we come together to create a change in values and a change in political processes in Oklahoma and in the larger world. We believe that by embracing the TEN KEY VALUES of the Greens, as defined in the appendix of the Green Party National Platform

  • Respect For Diversity
  • Feminism
  • Social Justice
  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Community-Based Economics
  • Decentralization
  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Nonviolence
  • Personal And Global Responsibility
  • Future Focus

in our personal and political lives will lead to the transformed society where we wish to live. The values inform how we relate to one another within this organization and outside it.

Article I. Name and Purpose
Section 1 The name of this organization shall be the Green Party of Oklahoma (GPOK).
Section 2 The GPOK shall hereafter be a cooperative effort of the local Green Party chapters in Oklahoma.
Section 3 The purpose of the GPOK is to engage in political and educational activities in support of our Green Party values.
Section 4 The GPOK shall work cooperatively with other Green Party organizations, both in the United States and in other countries.
Section 5 The GPOK shall work cooperatively with other organizations and individuals in issues of common concern.
Article II. Membership
Section 1 — Any resident of Oklahoma who affirms support for the party and general agreement with its Ten Key Values by filling out a membership form and/or has registered as a Green Party voter, if legally possible, shall be considered a member of the GPOK. No person shall be denied membership in the GPOK for reason of prior criminal conviction, age, or nationality.
Section 2 — Any Member of at least thirty (30) days tenure is entitled to fully participate in all aspects of the Party in accordance with these Bylaws. GPOK members in their first twenty-nine (29) days of membership may participate in all aspects of the GPOK, except they may not vote at the state convention. Any Green Party member in good standing in another state or country who relocates to Oklahoma and becomes a member of GPOK shall be immediately entitled to full participation.

Article III. State Party Convention

The State Party Convention is the highest decision-making body in the Green Party of Oklahoma and is an opportunity for its members to meet each other and learn skills for growing the GPOK and affecting progressive changes in the state.

Section 1 Date & Logistics

The State Convention shall be held at least annually on a date(s) set by the State Cooperative Council (in accordance with any GPUS rules for the selection of national convention delegates). The Council shall also be charged with planning the logistics of such a convention and preparing an agenda.

Section 2 Consensus and Voting

The State Convention shall seek consensus on all decisions. In the event consensus is not reached, a 2/3 vote of members present is required for adoption of any proposal or amendment to these Bylaws. For purposes of determining what constitutes a 2/3 vote for or against any proposal or amendment, abstentions shall not be counted as votes cast. If there is no consensus when debating a proposal the Convention shall take an initial non-binding vote, allow the minority an opportunity to speak, then take a final vote.

Section 3 Eligibility to Participate in State Conventions.

Any Green Party of Oklahoma member may attend the convention and participate in discussions, but only Green Party members of at least 30 days tenure may vote at convention.

Section 4 Delegates to National Convention

The Convention shall have the power to select delegates to the National Convention and National meetings of the Green Party of the United States.

Section 5 General Powers

The convention shall have the power to direct all party business, in accordance with these Bylaws.

Article IV. State Cooperative Committee
Section 1 Function

The State Cooperative Council (“Council”) shall be a cooperative effort of the GPOK local chapters between state conventions trusted with the responsibility to manage and conduct the day-to-day business and operations of the Party between State Party Conventions.

Section 2 Consenting Membership

Consenting membership on the Council will be composed of two representatives from each chapter. Each local chapter shall choose its own representatives and can select new representation at any time. Changes in chapter representation shall be made in writing to the Secretary.

Section 3 Participatory Membership

Participatory membership on the Council will be composed of any GPOK member who wishes to participate in the work of the Council and informs the Secretary in writing of her or his desire to be a member of the Council.

Section 4 Meetings

Meetings of the Council shall be held at least quarterly, with the time and location determined by the Council. Additional meetings may be set by agreement of the voting members of the Council. The Council shall strive to meet in person but may also meet by telephone or Internet. The secretary shall notify all Council members of all meetings at least one week in advance, unless all members agree to shorter notification.

Section 5 Quorum

The presence in person, by telephone or the Internet of a majority of Consenting Members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 6 Decisionmaking process

The Council shall seek consensus on all decisions. In the event consensus is not reached, approval from 3/4 of the members present are required for adoption of any proposal, unless other procedures are provided for elsewhere in these Bylaws.

Section 7 Council Duties

The duties of the Council shall be:

  • to endorse statewide and national candidates and/or issues in accordance with our values
  • and platform in consultation with members and local affiliates;
  • to coordinate statewide actions;
  • to carry out all responsibilities required by the Oklahoma Election Code;
  • to make public statements regarding the Party’s position on issues;
  • to respond to inquiries from the media and the public;
  • to prepare for State Conventions;
  • to create standing and ad hoc committees;
  • to keep and make available to the membership records and minutes of meetings;
  • to maintain a database of all Party members and known local Party organizations;
  • to publish a state newsletter and website; and
  • to establish criteria for local party affiliation pursuant to Article 3, Section 3.
Section 8 Removal of Members by the Cooperative Council

The Cooperative Council shall have the power to remove – by consensus only – committee members who violate the norms of civility, kindness, and fair treatment. This consensus must be established by the remaining members of the Council, so that the member in question cannot block consensus. The Council shall not remove any member without allowing the removed member a hearing before the Council, and any removed member shall be entitled to an appeal hearing at the next GPOK State Convention.

Article V: Service Positions

Section 1: The State Cooperative Council will approve members (who may have either Consenting or Participatory status) for service positions, which shall include but not be limited to the following positions:

  • The Secretary is charged with keeping accurate membership records, taking minutes of Council meetings, and other functions as defined by the Council.
  • The Treasurer is charged with keeping accurate financial records for the party and insuring that all funds are properly accounted for.
  • GPUS National Committee representatives are charged with representing the GPOK on the GPUS national committee.
  • The legal researcher/advisor is charged with conducting legal research (and providing legal advise if this person is a lawyer in the state of Oklahoma) for the GPOK.
  • The Webkeeper is charged with maintaining the website and coordinating technology issues for the GPOK.

Section 2: The Cooperative Council is forbidden from appointing a Chair, a President or any position that would imply an executive leadership element. The Council is allowed to choose a meeting facilitator who will serve the Cooperative Council through mindful direction of dialogue in the interest of efficiency and respect for each individual voice. That facilitator is also responsible for serving as an example to a Facilitator-Elect should the Council choose to elect one, and for holding and conducting workshops to educate interested members of the Cooperative Council.

Additionally, the Facilitator will also serve as the central contact for the GPOK Cooperative Council to the press; as such, the facilitator will maintain a list of contacts for the press regarding relevant issues, and aid in the initiation, approval and distribution of press releases.

The Facilitator will work in tandem with the Secretary to prepare the GPOK Cooperative Council for upcoming meetings by attending to the agenda, and collecting and distributing any proposals to be raised and addressed at the Cooperative Council meeting.

In all her or his responsibilities, the Facilitator – by the nature of the position – must both conceive of herself or himself and be conceived by the Cooperative Council as a servant, and not a leader or spokesperson.

Section 3: The Cooperative Council may appoint a spokesperson to speak for the party on a particular issue or event, but shall not appoint a permanent spokesperson.

Section 4: The Cooperative Council shall have the power to remove any member from a service position at any time.

Section 5: The Cooperative Council shall have the power to create or abolish any service position at any time.

Article VI. GPOK Local chapters

Section 1: Local Emphasis
The GPOK shall seek to work cooperatively with local chapters.

Section 2: Local Party Affiliation
Any local, county, or regional Green Party organization within the state of Oklahoma may apply for affiliation with the GPOK by written request to the Cooperative Council. The Council shall then accept or reject said application. Any local Green Party organization that is rejected for affiliation shall be entitled to a hearing and review of the decision at the next state convention.

Article VII. National Party Relations

Section 1: The Cooperative Council shall support the agenda and candidates of the GPUS national party, subject to any contrary direction of the membership of the party at the state convention.

Section 2: National Council Representatives are to be chosen by The Cooperative Council, and can be removed from their positions at any time by The Cooperative Council.

Section 3: GPUS National convention delegates are to be chosen by the State Convention.

Article VIII. Adoption and Amendments

Section 1: These revised bylaws shall take effect immediately upon adoption at the state convention.

Section 2: Amendments to these Bylaws may be made at any Convention of the Green Party of Oklahoma, providing prior notification of the proposed Bylaws Amendment(s) has been made available to members at least 10 days prior to the Convention. A 2/3 vote of those present and voting (not counting abstentions) is required to accept an amendment in the event that consensus is not achieved.

Section 3: Any member may propose an amendment by submitting it to the State Cooperative Council at least fourteen days prior to the State Convention. The Cooperative Council is responsible to make available to members the proposed amendment in accord with the time requirements specified in Section 2 of this article.

Adopted 11/02, Amended 5/03, Amended 5/04

Revised bylaws adopted: 6/25/05