Renew/Update your membership

You don’t technically have to renew your membership — we consider you a member unless you tell us otherwise, but we want to try to keep our membership list up to date with your location and contact info.

So we ask all current GPOK members to fill out the following update form so we can make sure we have your current information. Even if you have not moved since joining, it would be very helpful if you could fill out this form.

After you fill out the form, you can email it to our acting secretary at You can also send it by regular mail to: Green Party of Oklahoma, P.O. Box 49, Norman, OK 73070.

Green Party of Oklahoma Membership Information Update Form

By completing this form I certify that I am a member of the Green Party of Oklahoma.

Today’s Date: ____________________

Name: _____________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________

Telephone #: ________________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________

Local GPOK Chapter (if known): __________________

Optional Additional Information:

Date/Year you joined the GPOK: ______

Race or Ethnicity: _____________

Gender: ____

Sexual Orientation: _____________

What Green issues are most important to you: _______


Other areas of activism you are currently involved in:


Anything else you would like to share with us: ______