Oklahoma Greens promote ballot access at the 2007 Peace Festival in OKC

2007 Peacefest table

The Green Party table at the 2007 Peace Festival in Oklahoma City on Nov. 10 was a busy place, as signatures were collected on the ballot access petition. GP members, mostly from Oklahoma County, staffed the table and reported that 146 names were added to petitions.

The petition drive ends on January 14, 2008. For more info about the effort, see okvoterchoice.org

In photo: Randy Smith, Rachel Jackson and James M. Branum.

(photo re-uploaded after server move, 7/2012)

Tulsa Run opportunity for climate awareness and ballot access reform

Jean McMahon as polar bear in the 2007 Tulsa Run

Oklahoma Green Jean McMahon has been doing outstanding work in a very unique way: attending public events in a polar bear costume. The outfit dramatically illustrates the issue of global warming and gets lots of notice wherever Jean wears it.

Today it was the Tulsa Run, for which Jean has been training for over a month. “As soon as I arrived at the starting line,” Jean reports, “Mayor Kathy Taylor came trotting over to say, ‘Hi, remember I saw you at the climate report at TU (University of Tulsa)’.”

Jean and fellow Green Huti Reynolds also collected 42 signatures for the Oklahoma Ballot Reform initiative.

The Tulsa World reports that an Edmond man won the race. We suspect that the polar bear running and petitioning through the city’s streets won a few points from onlookers and run participants alike.

Green candidate Branum rides in 2006 OBS Streak, promoting campaign

Taken from: J. M. Branum campaign website

These pictures are from the OBS Streak (Oklahoma Bicycle Society ride) that I participated in. I rode the pedicab (using our new campaign/GPOK advertisements) in the 15 mile ride. I did think about riding the 30 mile, but around 10 miles into the race I was really glad I stuck with the 15 because the pedicab did wear me out more than I would have expected.

By the way, the second shot is super-blurry because my digital camera at this point was having some condensation problems.

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The Green Leaf is resurrected – Nov. 2005 issue now online and in print

Well the first issue of the resurrected Green Leaf (our state newsletter) is out and online at http://www.okgreens.org/greenleaf/greeenleaf-nov2005.pdf

Or if you want one in print, come to the OKC Peace Festival tomorrow where we’ll be handing them out at our table.

This first issue is pretty short, but we wanted to go ahead and get it out in time to hand out at the Peace Festival. The next issue though I hope will be longer and of better quality, so if you would like to help on it as part of the newsletter committee, please get in touch.

James Branum
GPOK Secretary
jmb (at) okgreens (dot) org