AZ Greens need your help

Urgent! Please donate to the Arizona Greens Today!

The Arizona Greens have less than 3 weeks to finish their ballot access drive and they need additional financial donations, so they can hire more petitioners! Nationwide, we’re closing in on our fundraising goal for them, but we still need more donations!

So please donate TODAY, as time is of the essence! (Any amount would be fine!).

Please make checks payable to:

Green Ballot Access
P. O. Box 77312
Tucson, AZ 85703

To donate via credit card or PayPal, go to: and click on the “direct donation” link in the 2nd section of the page!

Thanks so much for helping out!

Oklahoma Food Cooperative

Here’s a great little story from the OU Daily about the Oklahoma Food Cooperative and how students can eat well and support local farmers and ranchers — and check out the graphic by Cody Mulcahy.

Thinking globally, shopping locally

[…] Waldrop said the co-op exists for three main reasons. He said the food tastes better because it is taken better care of once it is harvested locally; it is environmentally sustainable because it does not have to be shipped long distances; and its revenue supports rural areas and local farmers.

“People want to support rural areas because they are disappearing quickly,” Waldrop said.[…]

Oklahoma’s Clean Water Needs Your Help!

From Susie Shields of Oklahoma Sustainability Network:

Please call your state representative and ask him/her to vote no on HB

Dear Friends of Oklahoma’s Environment:

Oklahoma’s clean water protections are under attack at the State Capitol. The animal factory corporations responsible for polluting some of our most important rivers and streams are working hard to secure a legislative “pass” for their activities.
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Medical marijuana bill introduced in Oklahoma legislature


Support Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma!

Dear NORML Supporter:

NORML is pleased to announce that Senate Bill 875, an act to establish a legislative task force to study and make recommendations regarding the medical use of marijuana, has been introduced in the Oklahoma legislature and referred to the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee. (Read the full text of the bill:
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