Global Warming Emergency, yet denials persist

Recent studies show that climate change is accelerating and serious points are being passed much sooner than expected. It will soon be too late.

Steven D at Booman Tribune has collected the latest reports into a grim picture:

We’ve Passed the Tipping Point on Global Warming

[…] We are witnessing changes that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Changes that were not predicted to occur for several more decades are showing up now, as you read these words of mine. Temperatures and sea levels rising faster than our climate change models predicted. Glaciers vanishing before our eyes. Ice melting in the interior of Antarctica in a region the size of California, where ice has never melted before in recorded history.


All while Exxon continues to pour millions of dollars into the coffers of conservative think tanks which seek to deny that global climate change is occurring. All while the Bush administration continues to mount a diplomatic offensive to prevent any global action on steps to reduce carbon emissions and other green house gases. […]

Also at the top of the list of those willfully ignoring reality and refusing to act (except to make things worse!), is Oklahoma’s Senator Inhofe.

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Pro-choice success in Oklahoma

This Salon article describes how reproductive rights advocates and medical workers in Oklahoma are working together to keep an unjust anti-abortion bill — S.B. 714 — from becoming law.

Oklahoma activists block antiabortion legislation
Pamela Merritt
How can choice advocates ensure more outcomes like this one?

The Green Party of Oklahoma supports a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions, and opposes efforts to make poor and low-income women face even greater obstacles than they already do in making those decisions.

Bush’s “war on wildlife”

The Center for Biological Diversity has just released a new report “Politicizing Extinction: Bush’s Dangerous Approach” which details the current administration’s negligence regarding species protection.

Bush Administration Sets All-time Record for Denying Protection to Endangered Species: Zero New Listings in Past Year
Report Documents Rampant Executive Interference in Protection of Rare Wildlife

WASHINGTON— Today marks exactly one year since the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service last protected any new U.S. species under the Endangered Species Act. Fittingly, on this same day, the House Natural Resources Committee is holding important oversight hearings on implementation of the Endangered Species Act by a recalcitrant Bush administration. The last time the agency went an entire year without protecting a single species was in 1981, when the infamous James Watt was Secretary of Interior. There are currently 279 highly imperiled species that are designated as candidates for listing as threatened or endangered and that face potential extinction.

“The Bush administration has closed the doors on endangered species,” said Noah Greenwald, conservation biologist with the Center for Biological Diversity. “With the pressing threats of rapid habitat destruction and global climate change, it’s an outrage that not a single new species has been protected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for an entire year.” Continue reading

The Zones “they are a-changin'”

This is a post from JMBzine, the blog of Oklahoma County Green James Branum, an organic gardener, who caught an interesting article in the New York Times:

NY Times: Feeling Warmth, Subtropical Plants Move North

. . . Already, some states are facing the possibility that the cherished local flora that has helped define their identities — the Ohio buckeye, the Kansas sunflower or the Mississippi magnolia — may begin to disappear within their borders and move north.

By the end of the century, the climate will no longer be favorable for the official state tree or flower in 28 states, according to “The Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming,” a report released last month by the National Wildlife Federation.

. . . Groups that cater to gardeners have hastened to keep up. In December, the National Arbor Day Foundation released an updated version of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Hardiness Zone Map, which shows the lowest winter temperatures in different parts of the country and is used by gardeners to determine which plants can survive in their yards.

Using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Arbor Day map indicates that many bands of the country are a full zone warmer, and a few spots are two zones warmer, than they were in 1990, when the map was last updated. . .

Pretty interesting stuff. The problem is that the complexities of what is to come, are to hard to fathom. We human beings have such a limited capacity to understand the fullness of creation and frankly I don’t think we have the slightest clue of what we really have unleashed. To imagine a world where bluebonnets no longer grow in Texas… that is a bleakly sad thought and yet it could be reality in my lifetime. Differences between the 1990 and 2006 hardiness zones (it is crazy that my grandparent’s farm which used to be in a small pocket of zone 6 in western Oklahoma is now in zone 7, and that far southern Oklahoma is now in zone 8 — the same zone that Austin is in.) Video that highlights the zone changes