Oklahoma third parties create ballot access coalition

Members of the Green Party of Oklahoma are joining with other “third party” members, Libertarian Party and Constitution Party, to work cooperatively to reform Oklahoma’s repressive ballot access laws.

Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform, or OBAR will seek to have a bill introduced in the 2005 session to address the issue. A web site and listserv have been created to facilitate the work and all interested parties, regardless of political affiliation, are invited to join the coalition.

OBAR Website

OBAR Email listserv

James Branum, OK Greens co-Chair, Belinda Silverstar, OK Greens Secretary, along with Green Country Greens Joni LeViness and Valerie Ackerman joined members of the Libertarian and Constitution Parties in a meeting in Stroud to kick off the coalition.

The group intends to push for a bill in the next legislative session addressing the issue.

Oklahoma third parties protest election shutout

The Green and Libertarian Parties, united in opposition to Oklahoma’s restrictive ballot access laws, protested on election day in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Green Country Greens Joni LeViness and Jean MacMahon, and Oklahoma Co. Green James Branum called for voters to vote for NOTA, None of the Above, by leaving the presidential slot blank on their ballot.

See press release on NOTA campaign.

OU Daily story on third-party ballot access

On election day, Nov. 2, The Oklahoma Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, published a story on the shut-out of third parties from the ballot in the state. Daily staff writer Sarah Waldrop interviewed Oklahoma Green Party co-chair James Branum for the article, which is available online.

Third-party candidates not on ballot

Some people will not vote for any candidate due to lack of choice.