GPOK Co-chair speaks on youth & militarism

James Branum, co-chair of the Green Party of Oklahoma, joined with longtime draft counselor Rex Friend to present a public forum on Youth, Militarism, and the Draft in Tulsa on Sept. 30th. The event was organized by the Tulsa Peace Fellowship and took place in the Aaronson Auditorium of the Tulsa Central Library.

Branum is the founder of Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objectors and a member of the National Lawyers Guild. He is a third year law student at OCU.

OK ballot access laws explored by KGOU radio

The Green Party of Oklahoma was among several third parties featured in a segment of “Oklahoma Voices” on KGOU radio 105.7FM / 106.3FM (NPR affiliate in Norman) that explored the state’s strict ballot access laws. The program aired on Sunday, Sept. 1 and again on Sept. 13.

The story included interviews with Rachel Jackson (GPOK Co-chair), John Anderson (1980 presidential candidate), Richard Winger (of Ballot Access News), and also folks representing Oklahoma Libertarians and the Oklahoma State Election board).

Links to all of the show’s guests, as well as a transcript of the program are posted at: